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Nysc Corps Member goes crazy madness by flogging a secondary school students in Akwa-Ibom

A Nigerian corp member by name Saeed Olakunle who presented on Nsit ibom, in Akwa Ibom state has been accounted for distraught after purportedly flagellating an understudies in class for not taking an interest appropriately in his science class.

As indicated by his associates at the corpers Lodge,
They revealed that he began acting peculiar after he woke up from his break, going about his room and talking hogwash. His flat mate was the first to call for alert and when they attempted to limit his developments he fled however was later up to speed with.
It's presumed this was because of a devilish activity by the understudy be flagellated in school, tragically the child hasn't been to class for several days now.

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