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Haaland said to Christiana Rinaldo "I would love to" someday have a conversation with you and say Thanks

It was a wonderful night in the world of football where giant clubs where beating in the Champions League by some other clubs.
World Champions Liverpool was trash by Athelico Madrid by 1 goals to nil. Liverpool who has been in an investing runs in the Premier League and are on the top of the league table with a lots of margins where brought down my Simeon boys.
Parist Saint-Germin "PSG" was also who beat by Borussia Dortmund by 2 goals to 1. Former Manchester United "Jose Mourinho" target Haaland gave Dortmund the two goals and history was made by the wonderful kid striker.
Haaland: I would love to someday have a conversation with Cristiano Ronaldo and tell him that I'm a footballer thanks to him" - Erling Håland (after match against PSG)
Cristiano inspiring generations.
Erling Haaland is the first player to score for two different teams in the same UCL season!
69': Dortmund 1-0 PSG (Haaland)
77': Dortmund 2-1 PSG (Haaland)
Neymar, Mbappe and Di Maria are all on the pitch of football but but their efforts are not enough to save PSG from defect.

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