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Customary rituals for 36 dairy animals killed by roar in Ondo starts today

The customary rituals for the 36 dairy animals killed on Saturday night by thunder jolt starts today.

The dairy animals were struck to death by roar in Ijare people group territory of Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, it was assembled. The rituals would be performed at Okeowa, the holy mountain, where the episode happened. This is to be trailed by fumigation by the state government to avoid pestilence, said a source.

An individual from the Olujare-in-board, the Agbajo of Ijare, High Chief Idowu Awe, said in Yoruba culture that no one is allowed to contact either person or creature slaughtered by thunder jolt.

He said the ceremonies start three days after the event.

A source disclosed to Daily Trust that when the herders were seen at that spot, they were cautioned of the peril however they disregarded it. Oba Adebamigbe Oluwagbamigun, the Onijare of Ijare Kingdom said the spot was segregated and individuals are not permitted to go there.

The Sapetu of Ijare (Prime Minister), High Chief Wemimo Olaniran, likewise said that a portion of the herders revealed the case to the ruler after the episode. He depicted the occurrence as a demonstration of God, saying the dead dairy animals can't be moved from that point.

''It is an indication that the divine beings don't simply need anyone to go there in light of the fact that it's anything but a spot implied for standard people as just the lord goes there once in a year to perform penance for the benefit of the individuals'', he said.

It would be reviewed that the dairy animals were directed to the peak at "Oke-Owa "by one Ladam, the proprietor. At the point when our journalist visited the area of the occurrence, the dead bovines including calves were seen dissipated just as the nearby tent raised by the herders.

High Chief Wemimo Olaniran said it was a demonstration of God, focusing on this isn't the first run through a wonder such as this is going on to individuals who befoul the woods.

"Where the cows kicked the bucket is called 'Owa' and it is ordinarily visited once in a year by the Olujare and he remains there for a day. He will at that point be distant from everyone else to play out some conventional customs and no other individual is permitted to go there.

"The dead dairy animals will be there always; it is a piece of the historical backdrop of our property for individuals to see as declaration in future that such things occur

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