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Warrior, Vigilante and Herdsmen Informant Shot Dead In Kaduna

The serenity of Ninzo chiefdom was deteriorated the past night when a camp of herders was found by an adjacent fisher in Randa social order of Ninzo chiefdom in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna state.

A fisherman went out to do his run of the mill calculating during the evening of Sunday 5-8-19, while calculating, he got to a particular conduit bank Ajiji Nyi in the thick of the bush.

He found a get-together of odd people in their numbers stayed outside around the conduit bank.

On finding them, the fisher returned home to teach people at home.

The area vigilante immediately arranged and went to the bush to confront the strange people. Before the JTF in Gwantu could arrive Randa, there was by then exchange of releases between the area vigilante and the herdsmen.During the process,a official and adjacent vigilante part were shot dead.

An observer of the herders( an indigene) was also shot dead by the troops.Their bodies were recovered tonight. Women and youths dashed to various systems for security.

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