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Select: Soldiers supported my break, says Wadume

Famous very rich person seize boss Hamisu Bala prominently known as Wadume has admitted that troopers supported his departure on August 6 after he was captured by police investigators.

Two of the criminologists appended to the unique enemy of capture squad of the Inspector General of Police and a non military personnel were murdered when officers opened flame on them.

The advancement started an open column between the Police and Soldiers with Nigerians totally dismayed.

Wadume, who has since been re-captured by police investigators in safehouse in Kano, admitted in a video gotten by the Nation during cross examination that fighters helped him to get away.

In the 41-second video, Wadume, who talked in Hausa, said : "I am Hamisu Bala otherwise called Wadume. The police came to Ibi and captured me.

"In the wake of capturing me, they were removing when officers followed them and opened flame and some police officers were murdered.

"From that point the fighters took me to their home office and remove the binds on my hands and I fled.

"Since I fled, I have been stowing away as of not long ago that the police captured me."

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