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How INEC uncovered phony specially appointed staff at decision court

There was dramatization yesterday at the Akwa Ibom Governorship Elections Petitions Tribunal as a phony staff of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and video were exposed.Testifying at the council yesterday on the issue Nsima Ekere of All Progressives Congress (APC) founded against senator Udom Emmanuel of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) testing the last's race, INEC staff, Mr. Ikpong Joseph Inyang told the court that an observer, William Ndarake, who was the Petitioners' (Ekere) 44th observer was an impostor.

Affirming as a subpoenaed observer for the main respondent, Governor Emmanuel, at the continued sitting yesterday, Mr. Inyang, who was the Supervising Presiding Officer of Ward 4, exhibited the rundown of Presiding Officers, Supervisory Presiding Officers, and Polling Unit booklets, and said Ndarake, who professed to be an INEC specially appointed Staff, isn't on any of the rundowns as an impromptu staff in the races.

While in the dock as PW 44, Ndarake asserted that he was an Assistant Presiding Officer in Ward 4, Unit 005 in Obot Akara, and that he was kidnapped to the place of Senator Chris Ekpenyong and undermined at gunpoint to control decision brings about help of PDP. He likewise asserted that he recorded the video of the snatching, with his telephone while the shooters where as yet taking steps to slaughter him in the event that he neglects to coordinate.

However, the Inyang uncovered that the said Ndarake and another man he asserted was Presiding Officer in the video for Unit 004, Ward 4 in Obot Akara were the two impostors.

While being interviewed by advice to PDP, Uko Udom, the observer said the man the said Ndarake distinguished as Presiding Officer in the video was additionally an impostor on the grounds that the Presiding Officer for that unit was a female National Youth Service Corps part, named Ifeanyinwa Priscilla Ifeanyi. Witness additionally recognized Exhibit RSA564 as the outcome for Unit 004, which Ifeanyinwa marked as Presiding Officer.

He included that he was given the rundown of the considerable number of authorities for Obot Akara Local Government Area and he gauged participation as the Supervisory Presiding Officer in Ward 4. His declaration finished the protection by the first respondent in the request, Governor Emmanuel.

Beforehand, an advanced criminological master, Edidiong Udoh had portrayed the video proof offered by the solicitors' 44th observer, Mr. Ndarake, as a trick arrange figured out how to misdirect the council. Udoh said he put together his contention with respect to the way that the GPS was turned off on the video recording gadget by the maker of the video to keep investigators from following the area of the occasion in the video.

The criminological investigator said in opposition to Mr. Ndarake's proof that the video was recorded under coercion with the telephone set on the ground, the video demonstrated scenes recorded by more than one individual with the members completely indicating signs of being a piece of the plot.

"In the event that the telephone was put on the floor, the main edge it would have caught would have been just one point of the top of the structure or one bearing of the room, yet the video demonstrates exercises of what happened even over a table and all edges of the room, which means the gadget was moving from the earliest starting point as far as possible," he summed up.

Under Cross Examination by direction to INEC, Sylva Ogwemoh, Udoh stated, "From my perception, more than three people were associated with the creation of this video separated from PW 44. "

PW 44 likewise deluded the council by saying he later grabbed the telephone to proceed with the account. All through the video, he is seen situated with legs extended and his hands on his thighs. This implies the video was finished by another person. The individual before the green table and the individual who asked that his face ought not be recorded were up to date of the video recording.

"There was somebody who was doing the thumb-printing. It was organize overseen and not done under pressure or nervousness like PW 44 asserted." On interrogation by advice to the applicant, Prof. Joash Omopitan, the observer underscored that "it is unthinkable for PW 44 to have made this video without anyone else with his telephone like he asserted on the grounds that he is seen sitting with his hands on his thighs all through. He didn't stand up anytime. As a scientific master, I'd have followed the area where the video was produced using the meta-information document of the video, however the individual who made the video intentionally turned off the GPS of the gadget.

"In the event that the meta-information document was available, under my criminological assessment, I would have seen the date,

the time, the area of the scene and even the name of the gadget being used."

On further assessment on why he didn't demand for the handset utilized for the chronicle, Udoh said with his preparation and aptitude, he didn't have to demand for the gadget which had obviously been deterred from getting subtleties of the spot it recorded. On whether he was paid to do the examinations, he said he completed it free as a willful service.He likewise told the council that the photos on the mass of the area where obscured, and no measure of investigations could uncover any picture on the photos due to the low quality of the chronicle.

Prior, advice to the vanquished Governorship up-and-comer of the APC, Mr. Nsima Ekere, lost his offer to stop the measurable master, Mr. Edidiong Udoh, who was subpoenaed by the tribunal.Legal firecrackers began when advice to the solicitor, J.S. Okutepa, obviously detected that the video proof investigations would nail the box against his customer whenever permitted by the court. The candidate's observer, Ndarake had offered a video, asserting that he recorded a race control scene when he was affirmed snatched by PDP's hooligans.

No sooner had Udoh, who was the third observer for the afternoon, ventured into the observer box with a projector effectively mounted at the court and set for interrogation, than Ekere's advice intensely protested the confirmation of his examinations by the court.

Countering Ekere's accommodation, insight to the PDP, Tayo Oyetibo, direction to Governor Emmanuel, Chief Solomon Umoh and guidance to INEC, Dr. Solomon Ielanye, had asked the court to permit the observer affirm, keeping up that the proof he would delicate in court was in light of a legitimate concern for equity. In his administering, the council executive A. M. Yakubu, disapproved the protest and contended that the logical master be permitted to affirm.

In the interim, two different observers who affirmed before in the day, a previous NUJ Chairman in the state, Elder Patrick Albert, and Chairman, Arewa Peoples Assembly (an umbrella body for Northerners, including the two Christians and Muslims from the 19 northern states living in Akwa Ibom, Mr. Emmanuel Ogbole, told the court that the governorship race were directed gently in Akwa Ibom.

Albert conceded that there was organization, and there were no episodes of vote purchasing or attack of voters at the spots he checked the activity. The previous NUJ supervisor said he casted a ballot at his surveying unit in Uyo Local Government Area before he continued on media inclusion of the activity with his group from the NUJ in five nearby government zones, to be specific Uyo, Ibiono-Ibom, Nsit-Ubium, Ibesikpo-Asutan, and Etinan.

On his part, Ogbole who hails from Benue State, told the council that the decision was serene, free, and reasonable in Akwa Ibom State. Ogbole who said he casted a ballot and observed the activity in his unit, countered the case of APC governorship up-and-comer, Mr. Ekere, that the activity was not damaged by anomalies. He included that the primary respondent couldn't give proof on an issue not argued by him but rather by the solicitor.

Senator Emmanuel, through his guidance, Onyechi Ikpeazu, alluded the council to the decision of the Supreme Court in Igboyim versus Obianke that a respondent could give proof in an issue argued by the candidate. He implored that the governorship council sitting in Uyo would not be deceived to make wrong strides by his scholarly companion, Okutekpa.Counsel to INEC, Sylva Ogwemoh, presented that the privilege to reasonable hearing is an issue of law and a privilege to all. Council Chairman, Justice A. M. Yakubu, overruled the complaint, saying the observer needed to affirm in enthusiasm of equity. The subsequent respondent, PDP is relied upon to initiate its guard today.

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