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According to world News: Premier League speaks on penalties next season amid Women’s World Cup VAR drama

The Premier League said that ruling on the goalkeeper’s position for penalties, will be left to the on-field officials next season, after controversial calls at this summer’s Women’s World Cup, the UK Times reports.
It has been revealed that referees chiefs are determined to avoid the situation seen in the recent France and Argentina matches, in which missed penalties were allowed to be retaken and were subsequently scored.
This tournament is the first in which a new rule has been introduced, which requires goalkeepers to have at least one foot on the goal line as the kick is taken, but that has led to two high-profile controversies in the past week.
On Monday, France’s Wendie Renard saw her penalty hit the post against Nigeria in Rennes, only to be allowed to retake it because goalkeeper Chiamaka Nnadozie was judged to have moved off her line by VAR.
Renard scored the subsequent penalty and France qualified for the last 16 as Group A winners.
Then on Wednesday, with Scotland leading 3-2 against Argentina in Paris, Scottish goalkeeper Lee Alexander was ruled to have moved off her line to save a 94th minute Florencia Bonsegundo spot-kick.
Again, the Argentinean dispatch was allowable to retake to her kick and scored the second time around, agonisingly knocking Scotland out of the tournament.
On mutually occasions, the decisions were fully assess in requisites of the new administration which has been introduced, but the cruelty has led to pervasive criticism.
VAR will be introduced to the highest League for the especially basic time for 2019/2020, but league chiefs are firm to curb as a good deal board as they bottle with the on-field officials.

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